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Springfield Shudokan Karate Club and Kids--We Get Along PERFECTLY

We cater to all kids at any experience level, especially beginners!

The benefits of martial arts training are endless and last a lifetime through a winning attitude, self-confidence and success. The accomplished qualities of patience, courtesy, self-control, perseverance, self-confidence and integrity that is developed on your journey to black belt radiate from within, regardless of age or gender.

But these qualities are especially significant for kids. Parents must guide their children in the right direction in life and the earlier the better. Kids learn by their parent's example. Adolescence is called the formative years for a reason. The standards you set for them now will sustain a lifetime.

Even with all of that knowledge, we know another very important fact - kids want to and need to have fun.  So we combine the physical aspects and enjoyment needs into a curriculum of kids’ classes that help them achieve significant physical goals in an environment where fun leads the way.  Don’t worry, many of us are parents too, so we take extra care in assuring your young ones learn martial arts safely.  Our professional instructors are committed to motivate, train and encourage each and every student on their journey to becoming a black belt.  We are very proud to boast that many of our students have made some fantastic new friends at our school and have gone on to a successful career in the martial arts or fitness industries.

At Shudokan Karate Club in Springfield, Illinois, we take our martial arts responsibilities toward kids particularly seriously, fully realizing our duty to give them the best life has to offer both for their ultimate benefit and our own.

But we also know that the best way to teach the discipline, besides covering the honorable fundamental principles upon which it is based, is to make it FUN for them. That kind of environment is the most conducive for learning, and here at Shudokan Karate Club we never forget that.

Your Kids Will Think Our Team is Awesome and so Will You!

Whether your child wants to compete in martial arts with our Shudokan Karate Clubu kids programs, or wants to be able to protect themselves from bullying, or simply wants to slim down and tone up they will love our staff and you will be impressed with the results we can achieve with your child.  Each Shudokan Karate Club team member is serious about your child’s development both physically, mentally and emotionally.  Our classes are customized to be age and experience appropriate.

Your child is a success story waiting to be told and Shudokan Karate Club wants to be a part of the story.

Call 217-787-9092 to schedule their classes TODAY! Be sure to ask about our new student special offers!

We can’t wait to open our doors to your family! We know you will love it here.

Our Kids' Karate Program Is the Complete Package

The same "Whole Person" development from the "Inside Out" philosophy that we teach our adults is presented to our kids also, but we do it in fun classes matching both their age level and experience.

The classes do, of course, have things in common. In all of them, we begin with stretching and conditioning. After that, aerobic and anaerobic elements are added. To complete the session, self-defense techniques and strategies are presented and life skills imparted.

Whatever the goal for each child is--to develop the next ultimate fighting superstar, to break bad behavior patterns, to bring them to a higher level of physical conditioning or simply to ensure that, male or female, they can protect themselves when needed, these classes are the perfect fit.

Kids are taught self-defense inclusive enough to handle situations all the way from simply preserving their dignity to literally saving their lives. Your child will never be bullied again. We will teach them the appropriate methods to distract, avoid and counteract bullying attempts!

Yet no child is rushed beyond what he is reasonably capable of performing. Our instructors are also specially trained to evaluate each kid individually. Nothing is introduced until that child is ready. We will always challenge but never overextend.

It's Up to You Now

Famed football coach George Allen used to say, "The future is now." This statement was never truer than when it comes to educating our children in the richly rewarding world of the martial arts. Our future leaders could never be better prepared for tomorrow's challenges.

Please do not deprive your kids of this fascinating, FUN-filled, deeply enriching, life-altering experience. They will be improved, your family will be improved and our nation will be improved.

Shudokan Karate Club would feel honored and privileged to be a part of their success.

Please call us at 217-787-9092 so your kids' great adventure can begin.
Shudokan Karate Club Springfield - 1453 N. Bradfordton Road Springfield, Illinois 62711 / Phone: 217-787-9092
We are located at 1453 North Bradfordton Road just 200 feet south of the light on Jefferson and Bradfordton.
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