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Good Health is a Habit – Karate of Springfield

Springfield Shudokan Family Karate

Good Health is a Habit – Karate of Springfield, IL

At Springfield Shudo Kan Family Karate we realize that all people are creatures of habit.  We eat at about the same time, we go to school/work at the same time, we go to bed at about the same time, and we exercise and snack at the same time.  Our bodies have an internal clock, and this clock usually tells our bodies when to be hungry or tired, and even when we need to get up out of our seat and do something.  It takes about 21 days/times to create a good habit and, unfortunately, 7 days/times to create a bad habit.  Likewise, it takes about 7 days/times to break a good habit and 21 days/times to break a bad habit.


Both a diet and a workout routine are good habits.  When I miss a workout, I start feeling lost and empty, like something is missing.  When I more of the kinds of food I am not used to eating, I feel like a slug.  The problem many people have is they break their diet or workout routine before they get past the 21 day/time tipping point.  So let’s all work on starting healthy habits, but most importantly, let’s all work on keeping them.

Shudokan Karate Club Springfield - 1453 N. Bradfordton Road Springfield, Illinois 62711 / Phone: 217-787-9092
We are located at 1453 North Bradfordton Road just 200 feet south of the light on Jefferson and Bradfordton.
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