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Karate - The Reason for Repetition

Springfield Shudokan Family Karate

Karate - The Reason for Repetition

Self-defense is one of the main tenets of Shudo Kan Karate Club of Springfield, Illinois.  That is why we make sure everyone works on the basics of the Eight Basic Breaks and the Eight Defenses.  We learn these basics as we start as white, yellow and orange belts, and we continue to practice them as black belts in the Advanced Karate class.  The reason we do this if for muscle memory.

The more we practice a technique, the more second nature it becomes.  If someone takes a swing at us, instinctively we step offline, block, counter, and get out of the way.  If someone tries to grab us, we loosen the attacker’s grab, create distance, counter, and get out of the way.  We practice it repeatedly so if the time ever comes when we need to protect ourselves, it is a natural reaction.  In a situation where you might need to use self-defense, you will not have time to think, “Okay, should I move to the left or to the right, should I grab, block or strike….?”  Everything happens so fast it has to be a reaction.

Shudokan Karate Club Springfield - 1453 N. Bradfordton Road Springfield, Illinois 62711 / Phone: 217-787-9092
We are located at 1453 North Bradfordton Road just 200 feet south of the light on Jefferson and Bradfordton.
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