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Shudokan Family Karate 3 Keys to Self Defense

Springfield Shudokan Family Karate

Shudokan Family Karate 3 Keys to Self Defense

The first thing I tell all the students in any self-defense class or demonstration is "Because an attack happens so fast, your self-defense has to become a reaction.  You do not have time to think.  The way for your self-defense to become a reaction is practice.”

When teaching self- defense, I usually focus on three things: your voice, your stance and simplicity. Bullies and perpetrators are usually cowards who do not want to call attention to themselves.  Use your voice to make a lot of noise and call attention to what is happening.  Use simple phrases like “Stop,” “Stay back,” and “Leave me alone.”  Additionally, children should use a phrase like, “My name is Johnny Smith. You are not my mommy or daddy”.  Phrases such as “rape” and “help” have been overused and do not draw people’s attention like they used to, but “fire” and “fight” will usually get people’s attention.

In addition to using your voice, get into a good karate stance and make space between you and your attacker.  A good karate stance is when your chin is over the knot of you belt (this should give you a good center of gravity) and your feet are not close together.  Long stance and horse stance are usually best in creating distance and keeping a good center of gravity. Typically, in an altercation or a wrestling match, the person with the better center of gravity ends up in the better position.

Your final goal is strike once and get away; in other words, keep it simple.  If your hands are above the attacker’s, strike or gouge the face or the eyes.  If your hands are below the attacker’s strike or grab the groin.  Flips and control holds look great for demonstrations, but most black belts will go with and practice what they know will work.

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